I’m moving!

Soon…like very soon…I’m bumping on over to Squarespace.

Everything will pretty much be the same.

Food, lots and lots of sweet, sweet food.

Just over there instead of here.

I want to let my subscribers know that I’ll be posting all my emails via TinyLetter.

My posts are still totally free and all that, it’s just a way for me to send out my new Squarespace updates.

You’ll receive a welcome note in your inbox from TinyLetter and then my posts will arrive via email.

Please mark my TinyLetter posts as “ok” if they get funneled to the dark side of your junk inbox.

My first post from the new site may be a bit slow to your inbox — but it will come! I promise.

Then you’ll be getting my updates sent right to your email, as usual.

I’ve been working on this new site for awhile now (I’m not into the whole site-building thing) and I’m excited to get everyone over there.

So…I’ll see you there!