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These are simple old-fashioned things– sweet, tasty things that fall somewhere between a really chewy blondie and a brown sugar cookie-bar.

But they make everyone ask —

What do you call them?

My brother-in-law suggested Chewbaccas. Star Wars is pretty present around here.

Julia draws C3PO with sidewalk chalk and sometimes makes me Darth Vader when we need a “bad guy” to run around the house.

Usually, Julia says she’s Firestar from the old 80’s “Spiderman and His Amazing Friends” reruns, but sometimes she’s Princess Leia.

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I’ve been having a Tom Petty summer. It seems like every time I get in the car, I’m listening to “Breakdown” or “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.”

And Petty’s been strangely relaxing lately, like a drug.

So this is my edible ode to the 70’s rocker.

Actually, it’s Martha Stewart’s recipe, with a few tweaks. But I did give it a sweet new name.

This is peanut butter at its best — just a little sugar and salt to bring out its natural beauty. Pretzels add some crunch, too, and a little salt of their own.

Then all of those little balls of peanut butter bliss get covered in melted chocolate.

This is now my favorite peanut butter dessert.

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So totally addictive, these buttery shards are crunchy, coconutty and covered in chocolate.

They’re like a drug.

Dangerous to keep in the house, really. So crunchy and good.

I had a hard time not eating them.

My husband called me the devil.

They’re my coconut version of a yummy oatmeal butter brittle cookie recipe I found in an old recipe box I bought at a garage sale for $1. I love that box.

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The perfect trifecta — peanut butter, chocolate and salt.

I’m not a big “no-bake” person. But these looked so good.

Straight-forward, bite-sized little peanut butter and chocolate candy bars. With a crispies crust. And a tiny pinch of kosher salt.

Julia’s getting into this kitchen stuff. Well, mostly. I think the actual tasting is still the bigger draw.

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