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Or apple crunch cake. Fantastic and totally for fall.

The pandowdy is a layer of apple pie filling topped with a buttery, sugar-crisp cake layer dotted with toasted nuts.

It’s based on my mom’s old pandowdy recipe — the kind that takes pie filling, a boxed cake mix and butter.

I don’t go for boxed cake mixes, so I found a recipe at the Chickens in the Road blog to make my own mix from scratch.

I haven’t tried the mix in all-out cake form, but it worked beautifully in this recipe.

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I’ve been gone for far too long.

Too far from everything warm and inviting.

I’ve got some serious making up to do.

So, I’m starting simple…an apple cake for the fall.

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These are simple old-fashioned things– sweet, tasty things that fall somewhere between a really chewy blondie and a brown sugar cookie-bar.

But they make everyone ask —

What do you call them?

My brother-in-law suggested Chewbaccas. Star Wars is pretty present around here.

Julia draws C3PO with sidewalk chalk and sometimes makes me Darth Vader when we need a “bad guy” to run around the house.

Usually, Julia says she’s Firestar from the old 80’s “Spiderman and His Amazing Friends” reruns, but sometimes she’s Princess Leia.

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I want to start by talking about this here cake — it’s dark, sauced-up, spiked, fabulous.

Yummy for breakfast, wrapped up in a piece of parchment, eaten on the way to…wherever.

It’s even better for dessert, drizzled over in brandy caramel, next to a scoop of soft French vanilla, at home, watching “Game of Thrones” or “Justified” or just reading a cookbook on the couch next to Chris.

I’ve been away for too long I think. Almost a month. Feels like forever.

It’s time to bake. Seriously bake.

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This apple cranberry crisp is not Pie’s poorer cousin. It is not the Lazy Man’s Pie. 

It is simply damn good.

Is it too late for cranberries? Apples? Cinnamon?

Never. Not in this kitchen.

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