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These are just good and chewy cookies.

I have no history lesson on the snickerdoodles. I don’t care where they came from.

They’re addictive and damn delicious.

I keep coming back to these. It’s that tiny bit of almond extract that gives them a nice depth of flavor. Then there’s the salt and the cinnamon-sugar crust and the chewiness…

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Or apple crunch cake. Fantastic and totally for fall.

The pandowdy is a layer of apple pie filling topped with a buttery, sugar-crisp cake layer dotted with toasted nuts.

It’s based on my mom’s old pandowdy recipe — the kind that takes pie filling, a boxed cake mix and butter.

I don’t go for boxed cake mixes, so I found a recipe at the Chickens in the Road blog to make my own mix from scratch.

I haven’t tried the mix in all-out cake form, but it worked beautifully in this recipe.

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I’ve been gone for far too long.

Too far from everything warm and inviting.

I’ve got some serious making up to do.

So, I’m starting simple…an apple cake for the fall.

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God, these cookies are good. I ate one right out of the oven — still hot and gooey and falling apart.

These taste like the top of a coffee cake — all cinnamon and sugar and buttery deliciousness.

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This apple cranberry crisp is not Pie’s poorer cousin. It is not the Lazy Man’s Pie. 

It is simply damn good.

Is it too late for cranberries? Apples? Cinnamon?

Never. Not in this kitchen.

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I wish I could give these a glowing report. Or a story. A nice story that ends with balmy temps and a nice beach and an ocean of oatmeal happiness.

Nay. It is not to be.

Don’t get me wrong — these were good. Really good.

These are basically a hybrid of two oatmeal cookie recipes I snagged from Greg Johnson’s Oatmeal CookieBlog, the Coffee Cake Cookies (my husband’s favorite cookie…ever) and the Better Than Grandma’s Oatmeal Cookies (one of my favorites).

I thought — I’ll combine them. Get the best of both worlds. Read the rest of this entry »

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