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Here’s the delicious breakdown:

Chewy and crisp lemony cookies

+ coconut white chocolate cream

+ toasted coconut =


My sucky math skills and Inspector Gadget flashback don’t make these things any less addictive, delicious…I’m running out of yummy adjectives.

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My hunt for the perfect brownie is finally over.

These dark chocolate brownies are soft and fudgy, with a crackled top and a little bite around the edge.

And that thick, gooey, coconutty middle…it just gives them a bit of Almond Joy kick that tastes — and smells — fantastic.

I know everyone gets a little choosy — me included — when it comes to “The Perfect Brownie.”

But this particular recipe just does it for me — with or without the coconut.

The brownie has that thin crust on top.

It has the fudginess, the chewiness, those slightly crispy puffed-up edges.

It’s chocolatey AND it has that awesome cocoa flavor.

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Soft, fluffy frosting over a moist butter cake shot with blueberries and just a hint of lemon —

it’s a cloud cake for any occasion.

The cake is tender, moist and so easy to make. Like the easiest. You don’t even need a mixer.

And then there’s the frosting…

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My dad loves German chocolate cake. It’s his fave.

So I’ve been studying recipes (I have stacks of library cookbooks I check out again and again) so I could make him some from scratch.

I now have a batch for him to try tomorrow.

I’m thinking — yes. These are them.

The Ones.

First, I tasted the caramel coconut-pecan frosting — delicious. Much richer and more flavorful than the store-bought stuff.

Second, the cake — awesomely good.

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I’ve been aching to melt down a Lindt white chocolate coconut bar and smother it on something.

So I whipped up a new buttercream –a rich, creamy coconut-vanilla worth licking.

Spoonable — that’s what this is.

The white chocolate basically tastes like vanilla…on steriods.

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So totally addictive, these buttery shards are crunchy, coconutty and covered in chocolate.

They’re like a drug.

Dangerous to keep in the house, really. So crunchy and good.

I had a hard time not eating them.

My husband called me the devil.

They’re my coconut version of a yummy oatmeal butter brittle cookie recipe I found in an old recipe box I bought at a garage sale for $1. I love that box.

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This granola bar is addictive. It has a perfect chew-to-crunch factor. It has coconut and oats.

And, of course, it has the wonderful, the fabulous, my favorite — peanut butter.

I confess — I eat peanut butter straight from the jar.

I’ve tried crunchy and creamy and even that natural stuff you have to refrigerator after opening.

I’ve made my own with honey roasted peanuts and a food processor.

Strangely, my favorite is Peter Pan Reduced Fat. It really isn’t that much healthier, but the consistency is a bit smoother, a bit creamier.

Probably due to the soy. I’m ok with soy.

Especially when it partners up with peanuts. And they make butter together.

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