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Here’s the delicious breakdown:

Chewy and crisp lemony cookies

+ coconut white chocolate cream

+ toasted coconut =


My sucky math skills and Inspector Gadget flashback don’t make these things any less addictive, delicious…I’m running out of yummy adjectives.

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Right at this moment, these little cookie pies are my favorite.

They’re Dorie Greenspan’s Jammers in teeny-tiny form and they are AWESOME.

The best cookie ever.

Although Dorie hasn’t posted the recipe for her Jammers, the writer behind the Lottie & Doof blog created his own version based on Dorie’s description of the cookie.

He says he became obsessed with recreating her Jammers and I can totally see why.

The “crust” is really just Dorie’s sablé cookie dough (buttery French shortbread) filled with jam (store-bought jam, or homemade jam or pie filling) and then topped with a sweet-and-crunchy streusel.

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These are just good and chewy cookies.

I have no history lesson on the snickerdoodles. I don’t care where they came from.

They’re addictive and damn delicious.

I keep coming back to these. It’s that tiny bit of almond extract that gives them a nice depth of flavor. Then there’s the salt and the cinnamon-sugar crust and the chewiness…

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Dark rum didn’t used to make me think of Christmas.

Now it does.

The Jamaican rum and spice in these buttery cookies make my whole house smell like the holidays.

They’re easy slice-and-bake cookies, which is a good thing around here.

I’m not big into rolling dough.

Not with antsy toddler hands and a hot kitchen.

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These are the best chocolate chip cookies.

The best.

I don’t care that this New York Times cookie recipe has been around for awhile. I love it. It’s fabulous. I had to post it.

I’ve gotta say, this is not your typical chocolate chip cookie recipe.

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God, these cookies are good. I ate one right out of the oven — still hot and gooey and falling apart.

These taste like the top of a coffee cake — all cinnamon and sugar and buttery deliciousness.

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Fudgy brownie-ness baked up into big, round, bumpy chocolate cookies.

Fat-free, too. Mostly.

If you don’t count the vanilla chips.

And I made them on the cheap.

I didn’t have Dutch-processed cocoa powder.

I didn’t have nuts or cocoa nibs.

But I needed chocolate.

Chocolatey chocolate. Like this…

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This crunchy little melt-away is simply France’s delicious answer to shortbread.

I whipped these Dorie Greenspan specials up one night when I needed to get my baking “fix.”

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This crunchy little vanilla cookie is totally addictive.

Drizzled with chocolate, it’s sweet and snackable, like something you’d buy in a box, but better.

Despite the cookie’s awesome vanilla-ness, there is not one drop of actual vanilla in the recipe.

It’s freaky, I know. And amazing.

But true.

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