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Or apple crunch cake. Fantastic and totally for fall.

The pandowdy is a layer of apple pie filling topped with a buttery, sugar-crisp cake layer dotted with toasted nuts.

It’s based on my mom’s old pandowdy recipe — the kind that takes pie filling, a boxed cake mix and butter.

I don’t go for boxed cake mixes, so I found a recipe at the Chickens in the Road blog to make my own mix from scratch.

I haven’t tried the mix in all-out cake form, but it worked beautifully in this recipe.

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I feel like I’m cheating here — these are so easy. 

But they’re good.

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I’ve been having a Tom Petty summer. It seems like every time I get in the car, I’m listening to “Breakdown” or “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.”

And Petty’s been strangely relaxing lately, like a drug.

So this is my edible ode to the 70’s rocker.

Actually, it’s Martha Stewart’s recipe, with a few tweaks. But I did give it a sweet new name.

This is peanut butter at its best — just a little sugar and salt to bring out its natural beauty. Pretzels add some crunch, too, and a little salt of their own.

Then all of those little balls of peanut butter bliss get covered in melted chocolate.

This is now my favorite peanut butter dessert.

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Donut-crispy on the outside, full of peaches and cinnamon, then drizzled over with a sweet cream cheese glaze — these are awesome little mini-Bundt cakes.

And so easy to make. I totally got away with using only a whisk and a spatula.

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These are some laid-back lemon sugar cookies — no rolling required.

In fact, no mixer needed, either.

They’re just easy, crisp-edged, soft-centered lemon drop cookies.

This is another one from Nicole Rees’ “Baking Unplugged.”

I tried and loved her crunchy vanilla crisps, so when I spotted the chewy-crisp sugar cookies recipe, I was sucked in.

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The Germans know what they’re doing with milk, eggs and flour.

At least when it comes to these beauties.

I picked up this recipe for German pancakes at the Smitten Kitchen site, along with Deb’s Oreos, red velvet cake and a fab red bean chili, to name a few.

This one did not disappoint. It’s super simple to throw together any morning (not just that one Saturday morning every three months when I do something really special…like…waffles).

I got to sift, whisk and pour the stuff into cake pans. Cake pans. In the morning.

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