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Here’s the delicious breakdown:

Chewy and crisp lemony cookies

+ coconut white chocolate cream

+ toasted coconut =


My sucky math skills and Inspector Gadget flashback don’t make these things any less addictive, delicious…I’m running out of yummy adjectives.

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These chilled, cream-filled cupcakes fit right in with our summer hibernation.

110 plus-degree temps have driven us inside, I’m on a lemon kick and I had a tub of mascarpone just waiting to be worked into something creamy.

Plus, I’ve needed an excuse to whip up some of the vanilla cupcakes my sister and I made a few months back.

Katie and I filled our first batch of vanilla cupcakes with lemon curd, which is awesome and rich.

Although I didn’t venture far from the vanilla-lemon theme, the lemon mascarpone cream makes for a cool summer alternative.

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This tastes just like an Entenmann’s.

It’s light lemony cream cheese filling and soft butter cake bottom kept me coming back to the refrigerator with a fork.

This breakfast cake is my lemon butter cake experiment gone good.

Unexpectedly better than good.

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These are some laid-back lemon sugar cookies — no rolling required.

In fact, no mixer needed, either.

They’re just easy, crisp-edged, soft-centered lemon drop cookies.

This is another one from Nicole Rees’ “Baking Unplugged.”

I tried and loved her crunchy vanilla crisps, so when I spotted the chewy-crisp sugar cookies recipe, I was sucked in.

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These cakes are simple, yummy little shots of lemon — sweet, moist and perfectly breakfast-able.

It’s a Barefoot Contessa recipe without the butter. Instead, she’s using yogurt, which makes for a light (yet moist) crumb. 

It’s an easy recipe, too. No mixer required. The most I had to do was zest two lemons and poke some holes in the cakes for the simple syrup.

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