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This crunchy little melt-away is simply France’s delicious answer to shortbread.

I whipped these Dorie Greenspan specials up one night when I needed to get my baking “fix.”

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These are some laid-back lemon sugar cookies — no rolling required.

In fact, no mixer needed, either.

They’re just easy, crisp-edged, soft-centered lemon drop cookies.

This is another one from Nicole Rees’ “Baking Unplugged.”

I tried and loved her crunchy vanilla crisps, so when I spotted the chewy-crisp sugar cookies recipe, I was sucked in.

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Sweet and mellow and delicious, rutabaga somehow remains an outcast, typically passed over for its prettier, more colorful cousins.

This simple yet totally satisfying root deserves a little more love.

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Martha Stewart got these right — big on the butter and brown sugar, these are my go-to for simple, yummy, crowd-pleasing cookies.

I make these for everybody — my kids, my sexy husband, gigi and papa, mimi and papa.

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This is a meal for a man.

Take a thick-cut pork chop, dip it into parmesan, a little egg and some Panko, and saute that sucker.

Even my dad would like this one.

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Homemade Oreos — chocolate and cream have never been pressed together to form such a classic, chocolatey, addictive, milk-necessitating marriage.

These sandwich cookies taste just like the iconic version…and then some.

I used to think that making a homemade version of a storebrand cookie was a waste of time, especially something like Oreos, which I love just as they are.

In fact, I don’t exactly know why I tried out this recipe the first time.

But I’m glad I did. They were worth it.

On Day Six of the biggest snow-in Tulsa’s ever seen, we made cookies.

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The Germans know what they’re doing with milk, eggs and flour.

At least when it comes to these beauties.

I picked up this recipe for German pancakes at the Smitten Kitchen site, along with Deb’s Oreos, red velvet cake and a fab red bean chili, to name a few.

This one did not disappoint. It’s super simple to throw together any morning (not just that one Saturday morning every three months when I do something really special…like…waffles).

I got to sift, whisk and pour the stuff into cake pans. Cake pans. In the morning.

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This recipe has travelled across the Old Country.

It has Slavic origins that can be traced back to vampires. Potentially Dracul himself…on a slightly more vegetarian night.

Ancient Egypt, the Near East (as opposed to the Far one), India and Iran — even entire continents love this bean. Or pea. Bean-pea.

Poland’s involved, too. It lends its sausage to the soup.

Polska kielbasa  (pronounced keel-boss-ee by my husband and father-in-law) is a super-flavorful sausage that makes this soup.

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These cakes are simple, yummy little shots of lemon — sweet, moist and perfectly breakfast-able.

It’s a Barefoot Contessa recipe without the butter. Instead, she’s using yogurt, which makes for a light (yet moist) crumb. 

It’s an easy recipe, too. No mixer required. The most I had to do was zest two lemons and poke some holes in the cakes for the simple syrup.

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Butterscotch blondies are a fat, fabulous sort of cookie. Moist, sweet and salty, with two of my favorite flavors — butterscotch and toffee — and some nuts.

I give my husband credit for this one. I wouldn’t have tried these if he hadn’t requested them after flipping through Martha Stewart’s “Cookies” book.

He loves butterscotch. As a consequence result, I love butterscotch.

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